About Matt

They say if you really love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. That certainly holds true for me. As General Manager of Chef Robert Irvine’s new digital magazine, I have the creative freedom to make the kind of magazine that I’ve always wanted to read. Previously, as Deputy Editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, I had the opportunity to go places, meet people, and write the kind of stories I only used to dream about. I have this website so I can share some of my favorite stories that I’ve written throughout my career, which spans Robert Irvine’s new magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, the Bennington Banner daily newspaper in Vermont, and the now-defunct (but once exceptional) Blitz magazine. I’m also a freelance gaming journalist, and I post those stories here as well.

I also want to share a look behind the scenes, and while I do most of this through social media—you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @mctuthill—this site allows me the forum to write about the experience of some of these assignments, and share some behind-the-scenes videos.

There are a lot of other places you could be out on the interwebs. Thanks for taking some time to stop by.