Caddy Ring "Pilot"

Click the title page above to read my original pilot, Caddy Ring.

LOGLINE: When a teenage boy lands a job at a prestigious golf course to save money for college, he finds himself at the center of a brutal hazing ritual. 

Family Guy "Problematic Guy"

Click the title page above to read my Family Guy spec episode, “Problematic Guy”.

LOGLINE: When Peter Griffin makes a phony feminist overture that goes viral, a reporter begins digging into his past, forcing him to answer for a lifetime of bad behavior.

Issues "Pilot"

LOGLINE: Set amid the crumbling magazine industry, a recently fired black editor gets one last shot to run a giant legacy brand, but to do so, he’ll have to team up with a publishing industry lion—an old eccentric white bigot.

If you’d like to read this script, send me a note HERE.

Caddy Ring Summary & Story Bible

Click the title page above to read my story bible for Caddy Ring, including breakdowns for every episode in Season 1, summaries of Seasons 2-5, character bios, and more.

I formatted this document—which is a hybrid story bible and pitch deck—as a digital magazine, with photos, captions, and links to some supporting material, like the show’s soundtrack on Spotify. This one is best read on a tablet, but if you get into it and would rather have a simple text version, there’s a link to that, as well. 

Caddy Ring Named To The Originals Bureau

The folks over at The Stunt List—a site staffed by some incredible screenwriters highlighting their favorite—work included my pilot for Caddy Ring in their year-end showcase: The Originals Bureau.

This gave me the impetus to write about how that script, inspired by my own experience, came to be. Check that article out HERE

And take a look at all the wonderful work in the showcase HERE. Big thanks to Ash and his team for the honor, and for the nifty poster above!

"Problematic Guy" Named To The Stunt List

My Family Guy spec was recognized as part of the 2023 Stunt List, which curates the best “Fusion of I.P. and Original Voice”. I’m proud to have my work showcased alongside so many talented and established professionals and want to thank Eric Moyer, who read it first and pushed for its inclusion. 

The genesis of this script: I’m creeped out by the character archaeology that happens whenever someone experiences 15 minutes of fame. This was also a chance to examine what it really means when we talk about someone getting canceled, and the motivations of people who insist the phenomenon simply doesn’t exist. Oh, and it was a lot of fun! Family Guy is the gold standard of a legacy show; it doesn’t “still have it,” it’s actually getting better all the time.