Michael Strahan Woke Up Like This

This was a very big get for M&F at the time. By this point, Strahan had moved to another stratosphere of stardom that put the GQs and Esquires of the world at a distinct advantage over us as the place to have the big photo shoot and feature about his new book. But as he revealed during his Hall of Fame induction speech, and reiterated during the interview, M&F held a special place in his heart. When he was an overweight kid, his dad would bring home the magazine for him, and it’s what started his lifelong relationship with the gym and set him on the path toward playing football. 

Personally, it was a very big get because I’m a lifelong Giants fan and probably haven’t missed a game since I was 11 or 12 years old. That means I saw every game of this man’s career, and could distinctly remember the highs and lows he refers to here. There was some pressure on me to get all my questions in during the photo shoot, but I had a lot more to ask and, perhaps because he could tell I knew his life and career so well, he sat down for a long time after wrap to answer everything. This was a big bucket list interview for me, and no aspect of it disappointed. It’s just funny that in the same issue I wrote about Janae Marie Kroc, which turned into my biggest story ever. 

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