Terry Crews Cover Interview

This wasn’t Terry’s first cover with M&F. That cover piece—which told the incredible story of physical transformation and career renaissance after football—was handled wonderfully by my colleague Joe Wuebben. It was so good I didn’t feel I had many places to go with his second cover. But having spent some time around Terry, I felt that the worst thing you could do is get in the way of what he was saying. Every time the man spoke, everyone shut up and listened. He had a way of amping up everyone in his orbit without even trying. One time when he had lunch in our offices, every staffer who attended was ready to run through a brick wall when he was done talking. So I suggested to the edit0r-in-chief Shawn Perine that this feature should run as a straight Q&A, that any narrative would only dilute the raw power of Terry, and he agreed. Click the image to read that interview, then get ready to run through a brick wall of your own.