Xbox One Review

It took me a long time to draw a conclusion about the Xbox One. It was a pretty frustrating piece of hardware when I first set it up; there’s a learning curve to the voice commands, the motion controls are borderline broken, and it takes some getting used to the fact that your video game console MUST be on to watch TV.

But time healed many of my gripes about the Xbox One. A month after I set it up, it’s hard to imagine turning my TV on or off without a voice command. Even my wife is getting on board. Aside from all the multimedia center functions, it’s a great games machine, too.

My full review is here: The Men’s Fitness Guide to the Xbox One.

As far as the Xbox One versus the PS4? It’s not a cop out to say I literally couldn’t tell you which one to get. You need to think about which games you can’t live without. For my part, I can’t imagine not playing Titanfall and Halo 5. Nor can I imagine missing out on the next God of War, MLB The Show 14, or the next Uncharted.

The bottom line: Both systems do great things. Neither is perfect. Hopefully this review can help steer you in the right direction. Other than that, I encourage you to go get in front of a demo unit and decide for yourself.