Matt Tuthill

Fit Fuel Book Launch

I’m happy to report that Fit Fuel, the book I co-authored with Chef Robert Irvine, officially launched on August 10. It’s not a cook book in the traditional sense, but rather a healthy living manual with motivation, workouts for all experience levels, and a lot of delicious healthy recipes. It starts with the story of […]

Been A While Since I Rapped At Ya

I have a damn good reason for neglecting this site in recent months. Before I get there, however, allow me a moment of self-awareness as I acknowledge the silliness of the “It’s been a while since I posted” post. My brother Chris has a running joke with me about shitty bloggers who take a few […]

Rock Solid

For the September 2014 issue of Muscle & Fitness, I wrote my second cover story on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a span of 12 months. Unlike the editorial I wrote the first time around, this dove deep on his family being evicted from their apartment when he was 14, having only seven bucks in […]

Terry Crews Cover Interview

I’ve never run a cover story as a Q&A before—I always viewed it as kind of a cop out—but I’ve just made my first exception with this February story on Terry Crews. I’ve interviewed Terry three times, and the effect he has on me each time is the same: By the end of the conversation, […]

Kurt Warner Interview

I learned everything I needed to know about Kurt Warner at a 2004 Week 15 game between the Giants and the Steelers. The Giants were out of the playoff hunt, and had turned their attention to the development of a rookie Eli Manning a few games prior. Warner, who had been signed to a one-year […]

Sabotage Premiere

Muscle & Fitness and The Cinema Society co-hosted the New York premiere of Sabotage on Tuesday night at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in Manhattan. When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello walked through the red carpet, I hit them up for a few questions apiece. Video is here: When the interviews were done, I got […]

John Cena Cover Story

This is a cover story I’ve had my eye on doing for years. John Cena isn’t just the biggest WWE Superstar working today, he is, like me, a fellow Springfield College football alum. Unlike me, he was REALLY good at football—an All-American—and kicked everyone’s ass on the field. We missed each other by a year, […]

John Cena: Behind the Scenes

John Cena covers the April issue of Muscle & Fitness. The photographs are amazing, and I think my story captures a side of him that isn’t well known. I’ll have a lot more to add about my cover story in the coming days—namely an extended interview and the WWE’s behind-the-scenes video. But for now, here’s […]

The Motivational Power of Arnold

The story I recently shared about my old client Ganesh got a ton of positive feedback, so I thought I’d share my own transformation story today. Naturally, it all began with Arnold. Originally published in the February 2013 issue of Muscle & Fitness. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING What’s the power of an image? When the image […]

An Amazing Success Story

When I was a full-time personal trainer, I witnessed a ton of client transformations. Of these, there were a handful of dramatic, day-and-night success stories—but none more dramatic than the one you’re about to read. It first ran in the December 2013 issue of Muscle & Fitness. IT’S IN YOUR HANDS Why the greatest health […]