Matt Tuthill

If ya smeeeeeelllll…

What the March issue of Muscle & Fitness is cooking… My cover story/editorial on Dwayne Johnson argues that he’s the most important man in all of fitness as there’s no man more visible who represents the lifestyle so well. Talk to any guy in any gym and chances are he has a story about how […]

Xbox One Review

It took me a long time to draw a conclusion about the Xbox One. It was a pretty frustrating piece of hardware when I first set it up; there’s a learning curve to the voice commands, the motion controls are borderline broken, and it takes some getting used to the fact that your video game […]

PS4 Review

I’ve been playing the PS4 since a couple days before its official US release, running it through its paces, and comparing some of the cross-gen games like Assassin’s Creed IV and Madden 25 side by side. My verdict: Sony knocked it out of the park. The PS4 is gorgeous piece of hardware and the user […]

David Otunga in Muscle & Fitness

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview a lot high-profile personalities in my career—pro athletes, actors, wrestlers, bodybuilding champs—and one thing I’m now certain of is this: Being famous does not necessarily make one interesting. How many times have you ever picked up a magazine with some mega-famous superstar actor or athlete on the […]

Mr. Olympia and Generation Iron

I just got back from Vegas and one of the most exciting, well-attended Olympia weekends ever. The Orleans Arena was sold out for the Mr. Olympia finals on Saturday night, and the energy in the building was incredible. Phil Heath won his third-straight title, and while that might not be surprising to some—especially considering how […]

My Long Love Affair With Video Games

Okay, here’s the full truth: Work isn’t the only reason I’m so pale this summer. When I’m not writing or in the gym, I can usually be found playing video games. I’ve been a gamer my whole life. Yes, I had the original NES and the Atari 2600, but my earliest gaming memories predate both […]

The Summer of Cover Stories

From my teen years into my early 20s, I always marveled at how some people could maintain a pale complexion throughout the summer months. How on earth could you stay cooped up in such beautiful weather? Years of hacking away at a keyboard in an office since that time—when I caddied every day at one […]

Brandon Jacobs Interview

In case you missed it, I had a quick interview with Brandon Jacobs earlier this week. I wanted to touch base with him about training, and chat a bit about his reduced workload. It turns out he was more frustrated than just about anyone realized and vented about it: Reaction stories can be found here: […]

Buzz Bissinger Retrospective Interview

Published summer 2008 for Blitz Magazine. Twenty years ago, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger shed the shackles of suburban Philadelphia, uprooted his family and moved to Odessa, Texas, the dream of spinning a spectacular narrative about the power of sports in our culture burning bright in his mind. He had envisioned a football story […]

David Tyree Profile

-Published in the Bennington Banner on August 2, 2008- LIKE THE REST OF HIS TEAM, TYREE STILL FIGHTS FOR RESPECT ALBANY, N.Y. — No player epitomizes the New York Giants’ current predicament more perfectly than David Tyree. At this point in a career like his, the fear and doubt surrounding status in training camp should […]