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Family Guy Spec

This is a Family Guy spec I wrote called Problematic Guy. Logline: When Peter Griffin is lauded for making a phony feminist overture, a reporter begins digging into his past. Enjoy: Problematic Guy 3-22

Shawn Perine

Last Monday, December 11, the world lost one of the finest human beings I’ve ever known. Shawn Perine, the Editorial Director of Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, FLEX, and Men’s Fitness, died at the age of 51 from lung cancer. It seems cruel and horribly ironic; he was the absolute picture of health […]

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo’s new console-handheld hybrid doesn’t shock with technical power, but with the ability to play anywhere. Gaming is about to change forever, but a question remains: When should you get on board? Change is a law of life. In gaming and tech, that change is often jarring. And while the gaming industry today looks pretty […]

PSVR Review

The new PlayStation VR is incredible immersive fun, fulfilling a promise that’s as old as the video game industry itself. In the early days of home video game consoles, advertisers for Atari and Commodore computers hawked their wares under a recurring theme: Immersion. The wording of the promise varied from game to game, but the […]

Best American Sports Writing

This year’s edition of the feature writing anthology The Best American Sport Writing is out now. When I flipped to the back I saw a nice surprise: my story on transgender powerlifter Janae Kroczaleski was named to the list of notable pieces of sports writing of the year. I’m very happy to see Janae’s story […]

RI Magazine: Reader Options

This is a recap of all the different ways you can get your hands on Robert Irvine Magazine, no matter your platform preference or mobile operating system. FOR DESKTOP, LAPTOP, & TABLET USERS 1) PDF Download. Go to the magazine’s home page, and click the “Download Now” button. In a few seconds, you’ll get […]

Introducing RI Magazine

The debut issue of Robert Irvine Magazine is now available as a free download at At the site, you’ll be able to get it as an ePub for iBooks or similar ebook reader, as an interactive PDF, or you’ll have the option to read it online at Here’s the cover: The May issue […]

Moving On

After five years at Muscle & Fitness Magazine, first as an Associate Editor, then a Senior Editor, then Deputy Editor, I’ve moved on. I’m now General Manager for a new, upcoming digital magazine from Chef Robert Irvine, with whom I co-authored the book Fit Fuel last year. Like Fit Fuel, this new digital magazine will […]

In Memoriam: Matt Klutka Taught Us What Real Strength Is

In the December issue of M&F, I wrote a story about Matt Klutka, a man diagnosed with terminal cancer who was still pumping iron every day and fighting to stay alive for his young son, Cebran. That story is HERE. Doctors told him back in August that he only had weeks to live, but incredibly, […]

Afterword: Janae Marie Kroc

I used to look at Matt Kroczaleski the way all of his fans did: With a sense of wonder and a hint of jealousy. I’ve been lifting weights long enough to have experienced the tug of war that happens when you gain weight: You’re stronger! (but look worse). And when you lose weight: You look […]